Harry Vass

Obituary of Harry Roland Ian Vass

Harry was 24 years old, he went to school and college and worked just like any other young man but we want to focus on how very unique he was by sharing some of our wonderful memories of him. He had the most wonderful, wicked laugh that was contagious. His sense of humour was indeed unique. He often developed his own names for people, Mum was meatballs amongst others, Dad was Stefado, Charlotte was Dumpling and Deco the dog was Decosaurus T. rex. He called himself Hazza and we know many of his friends adopted this. He would creep up on us and make us jump with screeching or tickling. He enjoyed silly films with ELF being the last one he watched at Christmas. Harry never held back at laughing at his family members like Dad choking on a chilli potato whilst out at a restaurant, Mum falling over, people getting cross, all this delighted him! Harry was a big foodie! He loved food, ate adult portions from a young age although he slimmed down as an adult! He continued to raid the fridge on a regular nightly basis and loved all things with Chilli. He always complained that Mum didn’t season food enough and when eating out would always go for the hotly spiced dishes. His art work at school was often oriented around food, he started cooking as a young teenager and this led on to him becoming an accomplished Chef, a career which started in 2017. We think he was happiest working as a chef. Harry had a big heart, he loved his dog Deco to bits and they had a special bond. They napped together on Harry’s bed often. Arsenal was also a big love, he would watch games on TV with his Dad. We would hear loud roars when a goal was scored. The last game he went to at the Emirates was in July 2022, and you can see from the photo how happy he was that day. We know he loved his family very much and he told us that daily. He was never a man of many words so it was generally just” love you”. Through the last summer when he was in good health, he would have lunch with his Granny each Wednesday where they had deep and meaningful conversations and she now has great memories of these. He loved music, his favourite genres being rap and R and B. we thought to play some today but on listening to his usual songs, we thought they were a tad too much! In his college days he was a great one for festival going, he loved going but always returned a bit worse for wear and needed a few days to recover! He woke generally with a smile most days as a child and also as a man. Harry struggled in adulthood with his demons and often felt he had failed in life. It is only now with the comments work colleagues and friends have made that we realise how much he was loved and appreciated. At work he was seen as happy and cheerful, knew the names of all the elderly residents, made a lot of them smile and would always go the extra mile to help. Even though he worked there for a short time, he had a lasting impact on them. Many friends have said he had a heart of gold and would light up the room and was often the heart and soul of the party! He was known as a character, he was cheeky, a rascal, a bit rude, a risk taker and a definite rule breaker. One friend has said he made everything 10x better. Harry had ADHD and as such, had his own unique characteristics. He was always loosing his wallet, his keys and his phone and we became adept in providing replacements! He was always on the go and easily bored if he didn’t have plans. We used to tease him about having the attention span of a Nat. That being said when he found something of great interest, he could focus for hours! Rather than giving flowers, we would love his family and friends to donate to YOUNG MINDS, a charity that supports young people experiencing Mental Health issues, and their families. Harry would have liked this.
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